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CJS office building just manages to avoid flood waters

Thanks to all of you who contacted us to see how we managed in the July flooding which affected the city of Gloucester. We were fairly lucky to have only two days of disruption. Flood water from the nearby River Severn began creeping up Llanthony Road towards The City Business Centre office building on Monday 23rd July. Although we are on the first floor of the office block, we were advised by The Police to leave the building at mid-day. That night, the water came within a few yards of the ground floor entrances, to the relief of the occupants within who were preparing for the worst. On Tuesday 24th July the waters receded and the only difficulty was getting access to the vicinity by car. This was due to Llanthony Road being used as a route for the pipes that were pumping out flood water from nearby Castle Meads electricity sub-station into the canal. By Wednesday 26th July most operations were back to normal, apart from some absent staff who live west of Gloucester being unable to get through, and the inevitable lack of running water. Several key projects were kept running thanks to staff working remotely from home.

"Three Cheers" for the rescue teams who saved the power at Castle Meads and Walham stations, which meant we were without electricity for only one hour throughout the whole episode.

Aerial picture showing the flooding around Gloucester city centre. The CJS office is in the bottom left corner of this shot.   Picture taken near office building entrance, looking down Llanthony Road, showing the approaching flood waters.

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