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CJS has gained a reputation with its clients for technical excellence, reliability, and for the completion of projects within set timescales. We have undertaken engineering contracts for several major international companies, at either the proposal or contract stage of their particular projects.

We have resources available to engineer complete major projects or we can assist with design detail of any section of a project where client needs assistance. Efficient performance and attention to detail makes CJS a leader in cost effective solutions to material handling problems.

Our extensive know how, based upon years of experience of designing and setting to work many major projects around the world, makes CJS the ideal partner to engineer your material handling systems.

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Fields of expertise:

  • Coal handling systems for power stations
  • Loading & unloading terminals
  • Stockyard conveyors & handling equipment
  • Crushing stations
  • All kinds of conveyors, take-up systems , chute-work and transfer points.
Work undertaken includes:
  • Consultancy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Bid preparation & analysis
  • Front End Engineering Design
  • Structural & Mechanical Calculations
  • Detail Engineering

Clients include:

  • Alstom / Alstec / GEC
  • Babcock / Claudius Peters
  • Corus  / British Steel / TATA
  • E-On / RWE Npower
  • Fairport Engineering
  • Redler / Schenk
  • Duo 
  • Canning Conveyor